A Core is the central data component of ContentOnTarget. The base elements of a Core are

  • coreName: a unique name of the Core
  • apiHash_Core: a hash to access methods of a Core.
  • CoreSchema: specifies the document structure within the Core.
  • documents: a set of documents with common data structure (according to the CoreSchema)
  • synsets: synonym sets

Each Core is an independent data collection with a predefined data structure. Different document types (e.g. CMS documents, products, customers, eMails, chat messages) have to be stored in different Cores using different CoreSchemas. It is not possible to analyze documents in more than one Core at once.

API Interface

Each CoreUser can create, edit and delete cores using the CoreUser ApiHash.


There are two interfaces available. The first interface provides general core functionality while the second interface provides core specific operations. 

General Core Interface

Depending on the request type, different operations are supported:

Core specific Interface

Following operations are supported: