A CoreSchema specifies the data structure that can be used in a Core. It specifies the available document fields, their types and they way, the fields are analyzed.

Each Core has to use exactly one CoreSchema, each CoreSchema can be assigned however to several Cores. If the CoreSchema is changed or another CoreSchema is selected for the Core, all documents are automatically deleted and need to be reindexed.


There are two different CoreSchema interfaces: a general one to add, delete and list available CoreSchemas and a CoreSchema specific one. Please notice that there are global CoreSchemas available. These can be listed and viewed, however not edited or deleted.

General Schema Interface


Depending on the request type, following actions are possible:

Schema Specific Interface

Additionally, there is a schema specific API. It extends the general schema interface with the schema name, which is unique for the the user. 


Three request types are supported:

Error types

The possible error types can be found at the error type description page.