CoreUsers are the central data unit in ContentOnTarget. The data object is based on 

  • userName: a unique userName
  • apiHash: a apiHash which is required for all user specific requests (including Core management)
  • password: this is currently not used, it is stored however encrypted in the database.
  • Set<Core>
  • Set<CoreSchema>
  • Set<ApiRequestCounter>

 The management of this central data unit requires special administration rights using BASIC AUTHORIZATION.


There are two different CoreUser interfaces: a general one to add, delete and list available CoreUsers and a CoreUser specific one. 

General CoreUser Interface


Depending on the request type, following actions are possible:

CoreUser Specific Interface

Additionally, there is a CoreUser specific API. It extends the general interface with a username, which was specified while creating the user. 


Three request types are supported:

Error types

The possible error types can be found at the error type description page.