ContentOnTarget provides a complex event API. There are four different types of supported events

  • View Event: The view event informs ContentOnTarget about a document / product view of a specific user.
  • Comment Event: The comment event informs the system that a user has published a comment
  • Rating Event: The rating event informs ContentOnTarget that a user has rated a document / product.
  • Sales Event: This event informs about a sales process of a document / product.

The recorded events are used to identify relevant documents / products. They are stored in a special BigData architecture which processes the provided data asynchronously. Thus, the overall search and recommendation results can be highly improved.

All events are document specific. The basic URI for each event is:


If you delete a document, all associated events are deleted, too. This is especially important in case of batch updates. You should avoid clearing all documents to avoid the loss of the provided events.

There are generally two endpoints to submit an event:

A single event:


A set of events (batch mode)


Basic Structure

All event types have a common data structure:

docUriStringSpecifies the document uri. It is automatically set based on the used end point

A unique user hash which can be used to correlate events from one user.

Please note: Data privacy is a very important aspect for us. Therefore it is not necessary at all, that the user can be identified by a unique user hash. It is only necessary that several events by one user can be correlated. According to the Do-Not-Track requirements this can be achieved by using a unique hash which cannot be mapped to a specific user. It is de-identified.

The PHP Client API already takes the Do-Not-Track-Requirements into account. If the user specifies that he does not want to be tracked, the client API automatically creates a unique de-identified user hash. This user hash is stored as cookie on client side. It is not correlated with any userID from your system. If you are providing a specific userID, the PHP Client API disregards this ID in cases the user wants not to be tracked. Thus, it is ensured to be Do-Not-Track compliant.

eventTimeDatetimeA time for the event. The format for this date field is of the form 1995-12-31T23:59:59Z (ISO8601)