For each request to ContentOnTarget, the system increases an internal request counter. This counter can be requested using the RequestCounter API. It provides the counter information per month:

  • monthYear: date information in the format "yyyyMM"
  • counter: number of requests in the month.

API Interface

There are two interfaces available. The first interface supports to list all request counters for all months in a chronological descending order. The second interface provides the request counter for a specific month.

General Request Counter Interface

Depending on the request type, different operations are supported:

Specific RequestCounter Interface

Following operations are supported:

Administrator Interface

The RequestCounter API can be used by every user using the user credentials. In addition, it is possible for an administrator to request the requestCounters without requiring specific user credentials. However, the administrator has to identify himself with administrator specific credentials using BASIC AUTHENTICATION.

The API endpoint for the admin interface is: