ContentOnTarget provides a RESTful API to provide synset information. A synset specifies a set of synonyms: a set of words which can be used in exchange. Such you can define for example that "cold" is the same as "cool", "icy" and so on. There is no limit in specifying synonyms. All synonyms are processed automatically by the system.


Similar to the product operations, there are two different synset interfaces: a general one to add, delete and list synsets and a synset specific one.

General Synset Interface


Depending on the request type, following actions are possible:

Synset Specific Interface

Additionally, there is a synset specific API. It extends the general synset interface with a synsetID, which is auto generated by the system. The ID can be obtained using the "Get all synsets" operation.


Three request types are supported:

Data Processing

Each update of a synset requires a reprocessing of the search data. This reprocessing is applied automatically in the background. Depending on the number of products, this may take some time. The process is executed asynchronously.

Error types

The possible error types can be found at the error type description page.